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Dave Daniele - Sax & Keys

  Alias: Dr. Z, Mista D or the toyman... Dave has been in just about every greezy hole in the USA and Canada while touring with an endless list of wannabe Top 40 bands, including some darn good ones like Deep South from "Hotlanta, Georgia". After 5 or 6 lifetimes of going up and down the mighty Missisip...Daniele finally located in Detroit and landed a small record deal that helped build his reputation as a newcomer to the Motown scene. Soon after, the DOCTOR of SOUL joined local oldies hero's The Dittilies where he and the band climbed up the local ladder to open for legends like Dion, Chubby Checker and Dave's personal favorite Jr. Walker & The All Stars. Dave's unique style on the sax and keys blend well into the Blue Rose sound.

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