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Jay Crosby - Drums

  Jay Crosby started playing drums at an early age listening to classic rock and funk and then quickly became involved in taking lessons from a great local drum teacher named Joe Chila who owns a local drum shop and also builds custom drums. Joe gave Jay a good understanding of how to play many styles from Jazz to funk and from rock to reggae, he also showed Jay how to tune drums properly for every performance which helped him get out into the local music scene. Through his learning he became influenced by such great Drummers like Dave Weckl, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, and Mike Johnston over the years. Jay eventually joined many local acts such as Blue Rose, Red Mercury Blues Band, Ask Alice, Brass Jacket, Pan Fried MoJo, to name a few. He also had the honor to open and perform with acts like Dr.Pocket and open for national acts like Lonnie Brooks, KoKo Taylor and Grand Funk Railroad. Solid pocket with good grooves is what drives his drum set.

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