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Jon Martin - Bass

  Jon Martin is one of the founding members of Blue Rose, and has been playing in bands and orchestras since the age of 10. His influences range from Louis Jordan to Frank Zappa and he has performed with bands such as Satin Steel, Doll House, Blue Rose, The Nightriders, The Sax Maniacs, The Hatchetmen, and the infamous punk rock band, Dad and the Boys. Jon's 12-year relationship with Dad and the Boys culminated in many successes, including three albums and a recording contract with an affiliate of a major label. Jon's dedication to music stretches beyond performing. Jon started his recording career at a young age with his father Joe Martin and continued his studies at the Detroit Recording Institute. He founded Wave Records and now owns and runs Coon Creek Records Recording Studio, a studio dedicated to keeping analog sound alive. Jon is also a professional collector and restorer of antique phonographs, and has a collection of over 200,000 records including 78, 33 and 45 RPM, wax cylinders and wire recordings.
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